Most Trusted Name for National & International Donors – Shahzada Ibrahim

Successful fundraisers all have one thing in common- their donors trust them, and their organization enough to make a monetary donation. Trust is key in any relationship, both personal and professional, and this also includes the relationship between a donor and fundraiser. A donor’s confidence in you and your cause are especially important in our information-rich society because donors are looking for more and more information about the services and spending habits of their favorite charities.
Building trust with your donors is a fairly straightforward process. It requires you to be open about how your organization/charity operates. But, trust also builds on itself as you develop a genuine and long-term relationship with donors.

Ambassador of Civil Societies the United Nations Department of Economic & Social Council for Pakistan & Chairman Northern Citizen Community Board (NCCB) Pakistan Mr.Shahzada Ibrahim is one of the most trusted name for National & International Donors in Pakistan. With a vast hand’s on, experience in working with various International Non-Government organizations and Media outlets he has made some remarkable achievements in highlighting Civil and Social issues of people in Pakistan especially, Chitral, Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir.
Under the visionary & experienced leadership of Mr.Shahzada Ibrahim NCCB is (Accredited with United Nations Department of Economic& Social Council ECOSOC) for the betterment of Humanity in the Region. As a philanthropist serving & supporting the under privileged communities, Climate Change awareness is his Passion.

While speaking at the United Nations different sessions of Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG) he always elaborated the importance and Respect of the Elderly People. In Pakistan the joint family system is breaking up rapidly and elderly population is facing loneliness and abandonment.
As a Universal Human Rights, older people should enjoy their rights on an equal basis with others in society but unfortunately, particularly older women are discriminated (directly or indirectly), neglected, subjected and abused in various ways. He made a fervent appeal to the UN agencies, other International organizations, government of Pakistan and philanthropist around the world to come forward to address this issue with the coordination of local civil societies at grassroots’ level.

According to Mr.Shahzada, NCCB is the only organization which the donors could rely on for their donations. NCCB IS known in the area for its community oriented activities as it supported the needy people in their hour of need. He said the NCCB had launched a housing scheme for heirs of those killed in the war against terrorism.
Apart from Humanitarian & Social activities Mr. Shahazada is also a successful businessman and an advisor to various Investment Companies. Shahzada Ibrahim strongly believes that today the world is facing some serious threats from global terrorism, climate change, natural disasters, communal conflicts & economic instability with lack of Jobs opportunities. With these growing challenges it becomes difficult for the Governments, international organizations, the United Nations, Policy makers, NGOs, Civil society, businessmen and common men to fight against these issues alone.

According to Shahzada, the best way to restore Peace, Prosperity & for the improvement of Economic Stability in the World & in our respective countries is to start focusing on collaborations, interact & start networking with Private sector & NGO partnership on Government level, Civil society, local investors and with international companies for investment that will in return provide job opportunities for our Youth, Food & Education.

‘Northern Citizen Community Board ‘took the most essential One Point Agenda of shelter for Shelter-less to improve their quality of lives with the collaboration of various NGOs & Investment companies.

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